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How MetaClickPro Saved Me From My Client From Hell

Greetings from the Philippines. I’m Anna, a freelance copywriter and I’m writing to say thanks and share my results of using MetaClickPro. 2 months ago it was made or break momentum for my collaboration with a client. I was optimizing his website (online shop) and by ...
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How MetaClickPro Helped Us Increase Organic Traffic By 54%

Hi there, my name is Marko. I own and manage an online shop for sports gear and apparel. I am writing to share my huge thanks for what you did for my business. Since I use MetaClickPro, my organic traffic has increased by 54% in just a few weeks. This is not what I am ...

Golfing Site Negative SEO Attack: A 2 Million Backlinks Portfolio Analysis And Cleanup

An owner of a golfing website approached us with a request to check out the SEO on his site and figure out why after all the years of high ranking (he was among the first ones who took up online Golf lessons for the masses) his site is now outranked by industry. ...
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Real Estate SEO: Showing My Offers To The Right Local Audience

Doing online marketing for local real estate agencies is an integral part of your business growth. Real Estate SEO therefore, affects your entire online presence, and how much you gain from all that work. Without proper SEO, the chances to continue running a ...
Data Discrepancy

Warning SEO Auditors: Data Discrepancy May Lead You To Make False SEO Conclusions

Doing SEO audits is a key step in your online marketing activities. Without proper audits, you never know what you're doing, and how your activities affect your website. But, doing a proper SEO audit takes time, and a lot of attention to details. As I'm working ...

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