Hi there, my name is Marko. I own and manage an online shop for sports gear and apparel.

I am writing to share my huge thanks for what you did for my business. Since I use MetaClickPro, my organic traffic has increased by 54% in just a few weeks. This is not what I am happy for ( to be honest I didn’t expect this improvement). The quality of the traffic is what caused me prickles.

To make a long story short:

I was never amazed by the organic traffic portion, I mostly drove paid traffic to my shop. One day a guy in a forum shared his data about website traffic sources and what I saw encouraged me to pay more attention to organic traffic.

In fact, I have always invested in improving my SERP rating, creating content, etc… The thing was it never reached CTR expectations (at that time I was satisfied with 1%).

After using MetaClickPro, I managed to surprisingly improve my organic traffic performance. To be more precise:

  • I improved SEPR for more than 15 high-value keywords by avg. 3-4 positions
  • 13 new keywords reached the first page on Google
  • Impressions increased by an unbelievable 83% (which indicates the value of the new and improved keywords rankings)
  • CTR reached 2.3% in just 3 weeks

What’s even better is that the quality of this organic traffic is much much better than the previous. It converts with a higher rate than the previous and I am not paying for that.

I personally prescribe this to improving Title Tags and Meta Descriptions since I haven’t made any other changes on the website, online shop, or marketing.

The only thing I did was improving Title tags and Meta descriptions by using MetaClickPro.

What can I say… Thank you guys, you pushed my limits and I am very happy I found your app. You have my reference.