Greetings from the Philippines. I’m Anna, a freelance copywriter and I’m writing to say thanks and share my results of using MetaClickPro.

2 months ago it was made or break momentum for my collaboration with a client.
I was optimizing his website (online shop) and by all arguments, he seemed to be partially satisfied. That was driving me nuts. I tried all my tricks and thought I reached my very best score.
At one point I needed to choose to let him go to another freelancer or take the risk to try new things (even if he wasn’t willing for this adventure) and pray for results.

Then I decided to invest (this is for sure an investment) in MetaClickPro and test my luck.

Well…. I must confess I am a lucky creature 😀 Very lucky in fact 😀

I did a few A/B testings of different Meta tags and Titles, spent some time (read minutes) to analyze numbers, and voila … Had arguments for my decisions to make changes….

No guesswork. No time waste.
My client was surprised when I showed the results and very satisfied of course.

What he got was an increase in all metrics, including:

  • 13% Impression increase
  • 0.89% CTR improvement
  • 26% Clicks increase
  • 0.75% Organic traffic conversion rate

Plus the Bounce rate of both Organic and Paid Traffic decreased by 16% which was a pain for quite so long.

Using MetaClickPro was a win-win for both of us, plus PPC guys were grateful to 😀

They asked me what happened, I answered: Magic 😀

Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart.